Developing a Resilient Littleborough - 2/23/2019 - Events

Venue: Harehill House

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In Littleborough over 840 properties are potentially at risk of flooding. Storm Eva on Boxing Day 2015
unfortunately proved this potential in our local area and how rapidly flooding can occur.

Since Storm Eva there has been a lot of work going on to help make Littleborough more resilient – the
ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions such as a flood event.

This includes some flood affected homes being awarded grants to install flood resilience measures and the
Environment Agency and Rochdale Borough Council working together to design a flood scheme that will
help reduce the flooding potential in Littleborough and Rochdale from the River Roch and its tributaries.
Even so, it is still important to be prepared for flooding and other possible extreme weather events.

The Littleborough Flood Resilience Group, a sub group of The Littleborough Civic Trust, want to help you to
become more prepared and ready for any future flood event. Being prepared and knowing what to do
could save valuable time and money and help you to recover quicker should a flood affect you and your