Former Prime Minister of Azad & Jammu Kashmir Visits KYP - News

The former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, visited KYP (Kashmir Youth Project) on Monday 11th April 2016. He was greeted by Zulf Ahmed, CEO of KYP, local Councilors and members of the public. The former Prime Minister spoke about the current situation in Kashmir and issues effecting Kashmiri’s. Zulf Ahmed provided information on the work of KYP both in Rochdale and nationally. Local residents and councilors spoke to and thanked Mr. Attique for his visit. Rochdale is home to a sizeable Kashmiri population living in Rochdale.

Zulf Ahmed Chief Executive of KYP said “We were honored to have hosted Mr. Sardar Attique on his brief visit to the UK. Mr. Attique was impressed with the range of services provided by KYP to communities and KYP looks forward to exploring partnerships with the AJK government in order share good practice and expertise.”

Sardar Attique said “It is great to see British Kashmiri’s settled in the UK and who have helped to set up organisations such as KYP which benefit all communities and empower people, I am very impressed with the facilities and services provided by KYP”.

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan is a Pakistani-Kashmiri politician who served as the Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir twice between 24 July 2006 to 6 January 2009 and between 29 July 2010 till 26 July 2011. He also presides over the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference. Aditionally he served as the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition from 15 January 2009 to 22 October 2009 and has been elected 5 times as Member Legislative Assembly.