BAME Cancer Awareness Workshops - News

CCG funded programme of work focusing on Enhancing Awareness and Supporting Early Access to Cancer Services. The key focus of the programme is on increasing awareness, encouraging early access/identification to cancer screening services and to develop local cancer champions and support groups in Rochdale.

 Primary Objectives:

·        Deliver Cancer awareness for Women from South Asian communities focusing on Breast and Cervical and to recruit and train Cancer Champions.

·         Deliver Cancer awareness for Men from South Asian communities focusing on Bowel, Prostate and Lung, and to recruit and train Cancer Champions.

·        Support the uptake of cancer screening programmes amongst South Asian men and Women

The objectives of the workshops:

·        Identify signs and symptoms

·        - Provide information on screening and support services

·        - Explore challenges and barriers to accessing cancer services

·         - Provide patient experience/perspective of cancer services (Living with and Beyond Cancer User Involvement)

·         - Explore cultural barriers, myths and misconceptions

·        - Recruit and train Cancer Champions as community assets and to set up cancer support groups.

The programme is being delivered in collaboration with local clinical cancer leads/GPs and professionals, Macmillan, BME experts, VSNW Cancer Champion network and voluntary sector organisations. 

 This programme is also addressing the lack of cancer support provision in Rochdale.  There is only 1 Breast cancer support group and isn’t very well accessed by women from south Asian backgrounds.  It also aims to address long term programme sustainability, to develop local cancer infrastructure and influence the cancer system at local and GM level.