Answers to Common Questions frequently asked by Employers


How much should I pay an apprentice?

As an employer it is your decision about what you pay an Apprentice. However, if your Apprentice is under 19, you will need to pay them at least the Apprentice minimum wage which is currently £3.40 per hour. We would encourage you to consider paying above this rate and many employers increase wages as skills develop. However the choice is entirely yours as their employer.

If your Apprentice is 19 when they have completed the first year of their Apprenticeship, you will need to pay them at least the full National Minimum Wage.


How many hours will my apprentice work each week?

Apprentices work a minimum of 30 hours a week and no more than 40 hours a week. The hours you need your apprentice should be agreed between yourselves.

Like any other employee, you will need to give your Apprentice at least 20 days’ paid holiday per year plus Bank Holidays.


How long does an Apprenticeship take?

The Apprenticeships KYP deliver usually take between 12-15 months for a Level 2 and between 18-24 months for a Level 3. This will be discussed and agreed with you and our assessor.


What’s involved in helping an Apprentice to achieve their Qualification?

To ensure that your Apprentice achieves their qualification on time, they will be expected to attend all agreed sessions in our centre and all meetings planned with their assessor. If they fail to meet any of their appointments or training sessions this will no doubt have an effect on the length of time it takes them to complete their training.

In addition to the training you give your Apprentice whilst working in your business your assessor would appreciate your support too. Part of this support involves participating in ‘learner reviews’ which happen at regular intervals throughout their programme. This process enables you and the assessor time to discuss with the Apprentice their next steps, it gives you all time to discuss any issues or praise progress ensuring you are aware of their learning journey at all times. Reviews usually last between 30 minutes and an hour every few months (or more often if required).

Your apprentice will need to achieve some or all of the following components: -

  • An NVQ in your field of business and linking to the role they will be employed for
  • (Business Admin, Customer Service, Early Years, Elderly Care, Hospitality, Catering or Team Leading)
  • Technical Certificate – if not embedded into the NVQ already
  • A Unit on Employer Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT (Admin and Early Years)
  • First Aid and Basic Food Hygiene (if required)

 Functional Skills in English and Maths will only be included if the Apprentice doesn’t already have GCSE’s in English and Maths at grades A-C within the last 5 years, or Key Skills or Functional skills in English and Maths. Functional Skills will involve weekly sessions in our training centre until they complete the exam. Some delivery maybe completed within the workplace or via on-line resources.

Your Apprentice will be asked to carry out tasks to prove their competence in your business and in line with the Awarding body’s standards for the qualification. The assessor may deliver training at your premises or in our centre and they will also need to observe the Apprentice doing their normal working activities to confirm their competence. Your feedback and statements about their working activities will also help the Apprentice meet the criteria. Your assessor will talk through these requirements with you as required.

If you have any questions or concerns about the time this is taking, please feel free to discuss this with the assessor.


What is each Level equivalent to?

Level 2 = 5 good GCES’s at grades A-C
Level 3 = 2 A Levels
Level 4/5 = Foundation Degree


Will I receive any funding to help with taking on an apprentice?

You may be entitled to extra funding from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to help with costs of the training, however there are, as usual, terms and conditions connected to any application we make on your behalf. Your assessor or our Business Development team will discuss these with you. Any final decision around eligibility lies solely with the SFA.


Is there an age limit for Apprenticeships?

No, Apprenticeships are available to anyone after leaving full time education at 16. However if you take on an apprentice over the age of 24 you will need to finance their training costs.


What if I want my other staff to access Apprenticeship training and other CPD activities?

We offer commercial courses as well as Apprenticeships and other one off training sessions. We can deliver at our premises or in-house depending on numbers and your needs.

Contact our recruitment team by phone on 01706 630140, or by email at to discuss your requirements and budgets.

If we can’t deliver what you are looking for we can signpost you to the most appropriate person who can help.