Ambition for Ageing Rochdale

Ambition for Ageing Rochdale is a national programme for people aged 50 and over. Working in three areas and managed by KYP we support older people and their communities to design and develop better facilities, activities and projects to reduce isolation and remain healthy and involved.

We work with members of the community, businesses, health providers and other partnership agencies to build a strong sense of community in Rochdale.

We work in three areas:

  • West Middleton
  • Smallbridge / Firgrove
  • Central Rochdale

(See the map at the bottom of the page)


The Ambition for Ageing project vision is to:

  • Connect communities and people by developing relationships.
  • Create places that are age-friendly and empower people to live fulfilling lives as they age.
  • Embrace the celebration of age, creating the opportunity for people to contribute to the ageing agenda, offering choice and better connections.

If you would like us to come and visit your group, please get in touch with our Ambition for Ageing team.



Ambition for Ageing Investments and Grants

We involve community groups, individuals and businesses from West Middleton, Smallbridge / Firgrove and Central Rochdale to reduce social isolation and reach people we are not already in contact with.

We offer grant / investment opportunities (up to £2,000) to support the community to create their own ‘age-friendly’ project ideas. It’s important that the community is involved in deciding how our Ambition for Ageing investment money is spent.

Ambition for Ageing Rochdale have developed Breakfast clubs, Reading Groups, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Drop-In sessions and are wanting to hear from you if you have a good idea for a project supporting older people.

Applying for our grants is straightforward, however if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss project ideas, please get in touch with our Ambition for Ageing team.



Volunteer with Us

Our volunteers are at the heart of the community, finding ways to design and develop better community spaces for older people.

Volunteers from all backgrounds and ages are always welcomed, however volunteers aged over 50 are essential so that ideas and projects are designed by older people who understand the issues and needs of their community.

  • Volunteer Ambassadors – Getting out and about in the community to speak to and build connections with older people, identify local assets and generate ideas for reducing social isolation.
  • Volunteer Decision Makers – Get involved on our decision-making panels. Help us decide which investments and projects will benefit your communities.

Look out for our volunteer ‘Drop-Ins’ at venues across West Middleton Smallbridge / Firgrove and Central Rochdale.

All Ambition for Ageing Volunteers receive a full induction and training.

To sign up as a volunteer please get in touch with our Ambition for Ageing team.


Do you know an older person that is lonely or isolated?

If you are a group, organisation, friend, neighbour or family member that looks after an older person who is at risk of becoming lonely and isolated then get in touch and find out what’s happening in Rochdale.

So far in Rochdale, Ambition for Ageing has developed Breakfast Clubs, Reading Groups, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Drop-in Sessions and much more.

To refer someone to Ambition for Ageing programme, please get in touch with our Ambition for Ageing team.

Email: / /

Phone: 01706 630140

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 Do you have an idea for an idea for a project in your area?

Click <here to download an application form with guidance on what projects need to achieve and what cannot be funded through Ambition for Ageing. 

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