Apprenticeships - Case Study


 Shannon Yates


Hello, my name is Shannon and I am a Business Admin apprentice for KYP. I started High School in 2007 where I was predicted straight A grades. I was also on a scheme called Aim Higher in which a handful of pupils could get the chance to see what life at University would be like. Unfortunately due to my immature behavioural problems I was permanently excluded in year 10 and this great opportunity of going to University was taken away from me.

I then attended a centre which is known in my area as the ‘naughty school for naughty kids’. I didn’t like it there - I felt at the time I shouldn’t be there and that then led to poor punctuality and attendance. (The centre only takes children from years 7-10).

When I entered Year 11, I was then transferred to another organisation situated close to my home town. I was still a pupil but the staff members talked to me like I was equal to them, whereas previously, I felt that education staff talked down to me because of my behaviour. I did a lot of outdoor pursuits which helped me to release my energy and I completed my GCSE’s and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

I then applied for apprenticeships through numerous training providers but was getting nowhere and was still unemployed. My partner and I moved to Rochdale and there I found KYP; they gave me the opportunity and encouragement to aim for my career aspirations as they had seen my determination and drive which they described as phenomenal. I was short listed for a number of jobs and was supported throughout the process. One of the opportunities was at KYP; I duly went for the interview and was so pleased to be offered the job with them - and here I am!

I like working for KYP - half the day I cover Reception duties like taking phone calls, greeting staff, tenants, and visitors to the centre. The other half of my day I could either be helping other members of KYP staff with admin duties or I could be ringing up potential apprentices arranging for them to come in and have a 1-1 appointment with a team member. Overall I am happy with my job, I am happy with working with all members of staff and I think that’s the main thing in having a career - being happy with it.

I want to continue with my progression at KYP. I feel KYP is helping me with my confidence, giving me much valuable experience in a professional working environment. I wish to gain permanent employment with KYP once I have completed my apprenticeship. My future goal is to one day run a small business.