Apprenticeships - Information for Employers


Why should I take on an Apprentice?

By supporting a young person to understand how your business works through your own experience and knowledge can encourage new ideas and further develop your business. Apprenticeships can make your organisation more effective, productive and competitive.

Employing an Apprentice gives you.

  • Qualified staff with training and skills that meets your businesses needs.
  • Enhanced business performance and reputation

If you are an employer whose business interests involve any of the following areas we want to hear from you.

  • Business Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Early Years and Elderly Care
  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Team Leading



How do I find an Apprentice?

Contact our recruitment team, either by phone on
01706 630140, or by sending us an email to The team will advertise your vacancy, review CV’s and have preliminary interviews with any prospective learners to ensure that we only send you candidates that satisfy your requirements. We will organise with you suitable dates and times so you can interview them at your convenience and we will request feedback on your interviews to help unsuccessful candidates develop in the future.


Mirriam completed her Level 3 Children’s Care and Learning Development Apprenticeship with LaRoche Day Nursery in 2012


Once I have chosen an Apprentice what can I expect? 

KYP will organise a start date for your new Apprentice, and will allocate an assessor who will take your Apprentice through their training programme. The assessor will visit your apprentice on a regular basis and work with your apprentice to gather evidence to prove their competence.

KYP will come into your business premises to complete a Health & Safety check and go through policies and procedures which involve both the employer and the Apprentice.

You will be required to participate in regular reviews as these should be a 3 way process which ensures you are aware of the Apprentices progress or any issues as they occur. This is also a time to identify how you can support them with specific training which will help them meet your needs but also those of their qualification.

Support from KYP with other staff training needs, if required

As the programme comes to an end we can talk to you about future prospects for the apprentice with your company. This could be the next level of qualification or how we can work together to enable them to access permanent employment.

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