The Raising Education and Aspirations Project (REAP)

REAP is a 3 year project funded by BBC Children in Need to provide support for 14-16 year old young people from the local secondary schools. The project has three key aims:


GCSE Support

The Raising Education and Aspirations Project (REAP) provides term-time support in 4 core GCSE subjects: Maths, English, Science and ICT. Study support sessions are provided for young persons, consisting of 2 subjects each week. This is in an effort to assist young people, mainly from the BME community, to raise their GCSE attainment levels, address the challenges that young people face, build skills and resilience, empower them and extend their choices in life.

Personal Development

Young people are given the opportunity to take part in a Personal Development Training programme (incorporating the Duke of Edinburgh award – Bronze level). This aspect of the project helps to increase and develop skills such as Aspects of Identity, a Sense of Safety and Structure, High Self-Worth and Self Esteem, Perception of Responsibility and Autonomy, Civic and Social Involvement, and A Sense of Self-Awareness and Spirituality.

Careers Awareness

Young people are able to participate in career awareness sessions every fortnight led by a qualified youth worker and themed on different careers. For each session we invite a different professional to share their role, success, education journey and motivation behind choosing their particular career path.