Community Food Pantry

KYP’s Community Pantry Service: Fostering Unity in Times of Need

At KYP, we stand firmly committed to supporting our local community, especially during these challenging times marked by a pressing cost-of-living crisis. We understand the significance of providing essential sustenance to those who are facing financial hardships. To this end, we offer our community pantry service every Wednesday and Friday morning.

Culturally Appropriate and Affordable:
Our mission is clear: to offer culturally appropriate food and non-perishable items at a subsidised, affordable price.

Extending a Helping Hand:
Beyond our pantry service, we provided additional support by distributing donated food items. These provisions are sourced from food banks and local supermarkets, creating a cycle of support that enriches our community.

Guidance and Support During the Pandemic:
Since the onset of the pandemic, KYP has been a pillar of support for individuals grappling with the complexities of government guidelines. We respond to queries, lend a compassionate ear, and provide virtual assistance. Additionally, we connect individuals to the Council’s Emergency Response Centres and refer them to other available resources.

A Heartfelt Thank You:
We extend our profound gratitude to all the donors who generously contributed food, toiletries, gifts, and other supplies. Our dedicated volunteers, have been the driving force behind this initiative. We are equally thankful to our friends, families, and well-wishers who have buoyed our spirits and kept us motivated throughout this journey.

At KYP, we believe that community is not just a place; it’s a shared commitment to uplift one another in times of need.

Donations from Zen Internet
Donations from Penny Appeal
£10000 donation from Zen Internet to support KYP Community Food Pantry

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