Eid Al-Adha event at KYP brings community together

Eid Al-Adha event at KYP brings community together

Over 100 people attended a vibrant Eid Al-Adha celebration on 20 June, which brought communities together from a range of faiths and backgrounds.

The event, which took place at the Kashmir Youth Project centre on Belfield Road, included notable figures such as Lord Qurban Hussain of Luton, KYP co-founder Shabir Hussain, and the Mayor of Rochdale, Shakil Ahmed.

The celebration brought together diverse communities, including refugees and disadvantaged residents, who shared in the festivities and enjoyed traditional dishes that showcased the rich cultural heritage of the community. The event aimed to foster unity and provide a communal space for celebration.

Speeches from distinguished guests underscored the significance of Eid Al-Adha, focusing on themes of sacrifice and compassion.

They praised the values of charity, unity, and community support, highlighting KYP’s pivotal role in nurturing community spirit and offering essential services to residents.

Zulf Ahmed, CEO of KYP, addressed the guests saying: “Eid Al-Adha is a time of sacrifice, compassion, and unity. It is heartwarming to see our community come together, transcending faiths and backgrounds, to celebrate this occasion.”

Lord Qurban Hussain, founding member of KYP, said: “Eid Al-Adha teaches us the importance of sacrifice, kindness, and unity, and today’s celebration embodies these principles.

“KYP has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering inclusivity and support for all members of our community. I am pleased that the organisation continues to support disadvantaged communities.”



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