ESOL and Life in the UK

At KYP, we are committed to facilitating language aquisition and cultural integration and via the Asylum Migration Integration Fund (AMIF), we provide accredited ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and Life in the UK (LIUK) preparation courses. These courses are specially designed to empower Third Country Nationals (TCN) to enhance their English skills and to prepare them for British Citizenship.

What We Offer:

1. Accredited ESOL Courses: Our comprehensive ESOL courses cover reading, writing, speaking, and listening, providing learners with the essential language skills needed for effective communication. By covering areas such as grammar, punctuation, writing, reading, and oral communication, learners gain a deeper understanding of the English language.

2. LIUK Exam Preparation: For those aspiring to become British citizens, we offer tailored courses leading up to the Life in the UK exam which is now mandatory for those applying for British Citizenship status.

Our Courses Cover:

Confidence Building

Knowledge of British Values and Culture

Integration Activities

Approved Accreditation

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