Refugee Support

KYP are pleased to have secured funding from the Asylum Migration Integration Fund (AMIF). Our dedicated Outreach and Integration staff are working diligently to provide Advice and Welfare, English Language and Integration support to refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine who have settled in Rochdale and Greater Manchester. 

Facilitating Language Aquisition:

We recognise the challenges refugees face in a new country, and through our English classes, we aim to break down language barriers, promote social integration and become more self-reliant.

To aid integration into society, we organise informative visits to museums, libraries, and other places of interest. By promoting British (and other) cultural, educational and civic offerings of the locality, we hope to foster a sense of belonging.

Support into Employment:
Securing employment is a vital aspect of resettlement. To this end, we assist refugees with job applications, guide them towards volunteering opportunities, and help them create CVs and letters of application. Our goal is to empower them to become economically active and independent members of society.

Overcoming Barriers:
We understand that families often encounter numerous obstacles especially when relocating to a new country and culture. Our dedicated team works to help overcome these challenges. By collaborating closely with other support agencies and local authorities we ensure a seamless provision of services, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

Our support includes guidance, advice, and assistance for settlement in the UK. Moreover, our holistic key worker approach covers areas such as healthcare, employment, housing, education, and training.

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