ESOL and Life in the UK

ESOL and Life in the UK

KYP is currently offering Free ESOL and Life in the UK courses to enable individuals who acquire new English language skills so they can actively take part in society and achieve their full potential.  Eligibility requirement are that students need to hold a Third Country Nationality or a Refugee status with a right to remain in the UK.

These courses will help learners to improve their speaking and listening skills, prepare for Citizenship and  gain a recognised accredited qualification in ESOL speaking and listening, reading and writing.

We have two main types of courses:


  • To help learners improve English in everyday life
  • To build confidence
  • Improve  employability chances

ESOL and Citizenship/Life in the UK

  • To help learners settle into the UK and use English in everyday life
  • Understand the laws and customs of the UK
  • Preparations for Life in the UK tests/B1


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