Rochdale Diversity Award’s

Rochdale Diversity Awards 2023

The Rochdale Diversity Awards 2023 ceremony was held on 1st December 2023 at KYP’s Unity House with over 120 guests, finalists and champions of diversity attending.

The ceremony drew a wide range of attendees, including community groups, service providers, distinguished guests and senior officials. Keynote speakers highlighted the significance of embracing diversity not only within their respective organisations but also across every aspect of life. They included the Deputy Mayor of Rochdale, Shakil Ahmed; Sir Tony Lloyd, MP for Rochdale; Councillor Neil Emmott, Leader of Rochdale Borough Council; Abdul Hamied, Deputy Director Strategic Partnerships NHS England; and Kate Green, Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor.
The Awards, established in 2012, showcase the outstanding work undertaken by individuals across a variety of work sectors and services, which support and advance inclusion, cohesion and diversity within our borough. They also inspire and motivate us to continue working together to make Rochdale a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected.

The Awards Winners Are:

Workforce Diversity Award Rochdale Care Organisation Leadership Team - Presented by Mark Whittaker (Rochdale Training)
Diversity in Public Sector Partnership Working Award RBC Public Health Team - Presented by Julia Heap (Principal, Hopwood Hall College)
Diversity in Health Award Rochdale Health Alliance - Presented by Estelle Rowe (CEO, Your Trust)
Outstanding Achievement in Diversity Catherine Szymanskyj - Presented by Kate Green (Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Fire)
Cohesion Award Rochdale Youth Service - Presented by Sir Tony Lloyd (MP for Rochdale)
Education and Apprenticeships Award Rochdale Training - Presented by Amanda Newton (CEO, RBH)
Breaking Barriers Award Rochdale AFC Community Trust - Presented by Councillor Neil Emmott (Leader of Rochdale Council)
Voluntary & Faith Sector Award Mohammed Sheraz - Presented by Maddy Hubbard (Director-Rochdale, Action Together)
This year, we received a record number of nominations reflecting a wide range of initiatives and activities taking place in our community, which meant the judging panel had a very difficult time in selecting one winner from each category. The evening showcased and celebrated good practice from across all sections of the community, from private, public, and voluntary organisations, to individuals, groups and partnerships as finalists and winners were announced. Zulf Ahmed, CEO of KYP, welcomed the guests and finalists, saying: “Rochdale’s diversity is a source of strength, creativity, and opportunity. Diversity brings different perspectives, skills, talents, and experiences that can enrich our lives, our work and our society. Diversity can also foster innovation, learning and growth, as we can learn from each other, share ideas, and collaborate on solutions. Diversity can also enhance our sense of belonging, identity, and pride, as we can celebrate our differences and our commonalities, and appreciate the value and contribution of each and every person.” Zulf congratulated all the finalists and winners on their achievement and good work. Leader of Rochdale Borough Council, Councillor Neil Emmott said: “The wonderful contributions our different communities have made, make us richer as a Borough and richer as a community and I want to see that richness continue.” Catherine Szymaneskyj, winner of Outstanding Achievement in Diversity said: “I was in absolute shock to win, as there were so many amazing nominees and such fantastic work being undertaken within the borough. I feel very honoured and privileged to be recognised for my work, while also recognising that there is still so much more to be achieved. I often don’t feel like what I do is enough when I see so many gaps still existing, so it is nice to hear that others do feel that what I do is worth recognition.”
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